Readers Cup


Aquinas Readers Cup team for 2011:

Ciara Harrex, Tiana Mendicino, Dan O'Sullivan and Harley Wilson

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Year 8 in class readers cup


2009 Aquinas Readers Cup Team: Kaitlin Robinson, Thompson Hand, Samantha Scott, Tim O'Sullivan


readerscup01.jpgReaders’ Cup is a Trivial Pursuit type of quiz about books students have read. At Aquinas College, all students participate in a Readers’ Cup competition in their English classes during Term 1. There are prizes for participation, as well as for the winning team from each class.

A team of students from the college also participate in the Gold Coast regional Readers’ Cup competition, from which the winners progress to the Queensland finals.

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2008 Aquinas Readers Cup Team : Kristy Winter, Greg Smith, Jamie Burt, Ashleigh Leake ​ ​
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​ ​Gold Coast Regional Readers Cup Competition. The Aquinas College team was the proud winner of 3rd place.
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2007 Phoebe Reid, Kobie Donovan, Jacqueline Foster, Katherine Jongebloed, Chelsea Lobban (Coach).
​2006: Chris Ball, Jack Kingston, Nick Davoren, Kyle Brown
​2005: Louis Baigent, Corey Barclay, Ben Cole, Craig Turco. ​
​2004: Drew Cunning, Maciej Grabowski, Jessica Norman, Mitchell O’Connell.
Photographs of students participating in Readers’ Cup activities​ ​
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