Information Process

Research at Aquinas College

AIM:    To enable you to transform information into new knowledge.

Model of the Information Search Process

What does this mean?

  • It is normal to be confused as I begin researching a topic.
  • I should read AROUND my topic first and learn more about it BEFORE I begin to take notes.
  • I should begin this process AS SOON AS I GET MY ASSIGNMENT so I have time to complete my assignment.
  • When I have decided on my topic, I need to decide on several questions I want answered. This will focus my research and save me time.
  • Then I need to take notes and references of material which answers my questions.
  • I need to acknowledge ALL ideas, quotes, diagrams and pictures that I used to help me answer my question.

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Background to my research question 28.17 Kb

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Forming my own opinion 52.02 Kb

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Topic Proposal - My Key Questions 24.53 Kb

Websites-How good are they?

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