Research Tips

How to find out what you really want to know! 

  • Underline Key words in your question.
  • What are 3 questions you want answered about your topic?
  • What sources of information will you search?
  • Library Enquiry
  • Databases e.g. ANZRC
  • Internet
  • Other sources-people, organisations, etc.
  • Critically analyse sources:
    • Who wrote it?
    • What is their purpose?
    • What is their bias?
    • How current is the information?
    • Does the information meet my needs?
  • Take notes and note down your sources as you go.
    • Use point form, dot points and note page numbers as you go. At the beginning of each source write down:

Author, Date, Title, Publisher, Place, URL (Web address), Date accessed.

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