Welcome from the Principal

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Dear Parents, Care givers and Community members,

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Welcome to Aquinas College, the oldest co-educational Catholic College on the Gold Coast. Founded in 1964 by the Christian Brothers as a boy’s school, it later became co-educational when girls attended with the closing of the Mercy convent – Star of the Sea. Since that time, Aquinas has grown to become a dynamic and contemporary community of learners. 2018 marks my third year as Principal of Aquinas College. During that time​ we have undertaken a variety of strategies that not only build on strong foundations in Teaching and Learning but also launch Aquinas into a new and vibrant future. In 2018, we will continue to focus on our academic, pastoral and religious dimensions. To reinforce the holistic approach to education that occurs at Aquinas, we are exploring the concept of HEAD, HEART and HANDS as a theme for the next few years. In 2017 we explored the HEAD, 2018 is the year of the HEART and 2019 will be the year of the HANDS.​​​​​

 ​Head Heart Hands new1.png

The representation and symbolism captures our emphasis on the HEAD – Academic (including enrichment), Cognitive, Mental Health, Brain-based learning, Mindframes and mindfulness. In our HEART, we recognise the Central Core of Aquinas: our Religious, Pastoral, Emotional and even cardio vascular fitness elements. And finally, our HANDS represent our Outreach and Practical link to the world beyond Aquinas. In addition, the three themes are bound together symbolising our holistic approach to learning and teaching at Aquinas. The Celtic triangle represents our links to Ireland and the Trinity.

To support our emphasis is on the HEART in 2018, the College community will embrace and explore our cultural, religious and pastoral heart. What do we value and what do we stand for at Aquinas in each of these characteristics?

In addition, the College is continuing our involvement with the BCE initiative for Excellent Teaching and Learning and our College Leadership will endeavour to drive pedagogical change and enact our Vision for Learning.

The theme may provide an emphasis for a particular year, but our College Vision provides the ‘goalposts’ for each member of our college community. We each strive to enhance these values in our lives and bear witness to these in our college and wider community.

In living our Vision we are inspired by:

* The academic excellence exemplified by Thomas Aquinas

* The mercy and justice witnessed by Catherine McAuley

* The faith and courage of Edmund Rice

* The proactive service embodied in the life of Caroline Chisholm

* The compassion of Oscar Romero

2018 promises to be an exciting and rewarding year for our Aquinas community.

As we journey forward together, we are all committed to provide the best possible outcomes for all members of our community.

Blessings and best wishes

Peter Hurley