Complaints Process

​Customer Complaints Procedure

1. Purpose

The purpose of this procedure is to outline the processes at Aquinas College for managing customer complaints. Students, parents and guardians must understand their responsibilities before making a complaint. 

2. Guiding principles

  •   Students, parents and guardians have a right to voice their complaints.
  •   Complaints will be handled fairly, objectively, and confidentially.
  •   Complaints are resolved promptly, where possible.

3. Customer responsibilities

  • Provide a clear description of the problem and the desired outcome.
  • Provide all relevant information and documentation when the complaint is made. 
  • Understand that resolving complaints may take some time. 
  • Inform the school of changes affecting the complaint.
  • Cooperate in a respectful way and understand that unreasonable conduct may lead to the complaint not being processed. 

4. Process

1.    The classroom teacher works with the customer to resolve the matter.

2.    Unresolved complaints may be escalated to senior school staff.

3.    The Principal is the final point of escalation for all school-related complaints.

If dissatisfied with the final decision, a customer may submit in writing a request for a review to the Principal. Complaints about the Principal must be made in writing and submitted to the Principal's office. Requests for review and complaints about a Principal are forwarded by the Principal's office to the Senior Leader Learning and Identity for review.

5. Timeframes

The time required to resolve a complaint depends on the complexity and nature of the complaint, as well as staff availability. 

As a guide: 

  • simple complaints may take up to 20 working days 
  • complaints requiring some assessment may take up to 45 working days 
  • complex complaints may take up to 90 working days or longer. 

Receipt of complaint must be acknowledged as soon as possible, or within five (5) working days. 

These timeframes apply during school terms. Additional time may be required if a complaint is submitted toward the end of a school term, or outside of school terms. ​

Student, Parent and Guardian Complaints Management policy

Student, Parent and Guardian Complaints Management procedure