Technology Device @ Aquinas

​Aquinas College has a 1:1 Laptop program where each student in the College is provided with a MacBook Air 11" laptop.  This laptop is a College owned device which is provided to students for use while studying at the College.  The cost of the laptop is included in the levies charged.  The laptop is supplied with an Aquinas College decal and protective case which is to remain in place at all times.

  • Each student has access to the Microsoft Office Suite which includes cloud storage and email.  
  • Printing facilities are also provided at various points around the College.  
  • There are specialty areas with shared desktop devices for classes requiring these facilities.
  • Shared iPads are also utilised in some specialist classes.
  • Students are responsible for the care of the laptop provided.

1-1 Device Program Information Booklet 2020 publication

Support for laptops is available from the Aquinas College IT Service Centre which is open from 8:00am - 3:15pm on school days.