The Fourth Decade

Throughout the 1990's, Aquinas College continued​ to establish itself as a leading coeducational school on the Gold Coast. A gradual increase in the school population brought with it higher academic and sporting standards, as exemplified by the increasing numbers of students gaining tertiary places and some outstanding individual and team performances in various sports, the most notable of these being a record nine successive victories at the Broadwater Swimming Carnival.

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In 1998, Mr ​Terry Enright resigned as Principal, having overseen a productive period of the college’s history. Sr Nancy Freddi, a Sister of Mercy from Victoria who brought with her a wealth of educational and administrative experience, replaced him in 1999.

From day one, Sr Nancy sought to bring positive changes to the college and , having overseen a review of the school and its practices, refurbished the administration and staffroom areas, the Science laboratories, Middle School area and, with the assistance of the P&F, resurfaced the undercover area.

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Significant changes have occurred also in the area of Vocational Education and Technology. Aquinas students now have “multiple pathways” to employment through school-based traineeships and the ability to complete many Nationally Recognised Training courses while still at school. The students also have access ​to ‘state of the art’ technology: there are around three hundred fully networked computers in the college, a number of wireless access points and remote access to the server available from home.

Aquinas College is now at the forefront of educational technology and opportunities and, as the second fifty years unwinds, all members of the Aquinas community can look forward to an exciting and fruitful future.​​Screen Shot 2019-09-25 at 8.59.21 am.png