Pastoral Care

At Aquinas College we encourage everyone to be a part of a caring and faithful community. The College Mission and Vision Statement encompasses academic excellence and a community where students are nurtured and empowered to create a future of hope. Faith, justice, service, compassion and mercy are our core values and define who we are as a community.

Pastoral Care of students at Aquinas College is centered around the strong traditions of our College patrons and the house system. At Aquinas we have four houses - Chisholm (Blue), McAuley (Yellow), Romero (Green) and Edmund Rice (Red) which actively promote school and house spirit and social justice values. The Vertical Pastoral Care (VPC) system ensures liaison between students, families and staff and is focused on the development of students. It has a strong focus on effective and supportive communication between school and families so that parent/caregivers are invited to be part of the College community. Pastoral Care at the College also includes a strong emphasis on the healthy development of students through pastoral care lessons. The program includes emerging adolescent issues along with study skills and career development programs.

Retreats and camps are included in the curriculum to support the holistic education of our students. These include a range of age appropriate activities that promote​ self-esteem and team building skills.

Opportunities exist for student leadership throughout all year levels. Students are encouraged to seek leadership opportunities and to contribute to the life of the College.

The College has two full time counsellors who are accessible by students and families if needed. The counsellors form part of the student well-being team at the College. Resources and advice are available on a range of issues.

At Aquinas College students have the right to feel safe, to learn and to be treated with respect.