No Smoking at Schools

From 1 January 2015, smoking is banned at all Queensland state and non-state schools, and for 5 meters beyond their boundaries.

The law applies at all times - during and after school hours, on weekends and during school holidays. It includes the use of all smoking products, including regular cigarettes and devices commonly known as electronic cigarettes.

School land is defined as land on which a:

- State school provides education programs under the ​​Education (General Provisions) Act 2006

- Non-state school provides primary education, secondary education or special education under the Education (Accreditation of Non-State Schools) Act 2011

- ​State or non-state school provides other educational facilities, instruction or activities, for example, sports grounds, and including land that is owned or leased by the school.

Five Metre Buffer

The buffer is a 5 metre no-smoking area around the perimeter of the school, beyond the school land boundary; including all structures in the area, such as bus shelters and car parks. 

This area does not extend into residential or business premises that share a boundary with the school land.


If you see someone smoking within the 5 meter buffer, tell them that it is illegal for them to smoke in this area.

If you wish to report a breach of these tobacco laws, contact 13 GOV (13 74 68).​