Illuminate Academic Excellence Program

Structure of the Program

The Illuminate Academic Excellence Program will be introduced at the College in 2021 for Year 7 students and continue into Year 8 and Year 9. Successful applicants will be placed together in a core class for Religion, English, Maths, Science, Geography/History, and Health and Physical Education. Elective subjects will be taken with the remainder of the cohort. 

The Program will allow students to work collaboratively with like-minded peers and engage with teachers who share a passion for teaching. The Australian Curriculum, which informs teaching and learning at Aquinas College, allows for: flexibility to meet the individual learning needs of gifted and talented students, opportunities to work with learning area content in more depth or breadth, encompassing specific aspects of the general capabilities learning continua and/or focusing on cross-curriculum priorities (ACARA, 2016).​​

Illuminate Applilcation Form