Year 10 Offerings

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​‘Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow’. ~Anthony J. D’Angelo


Aquinas College provides students with a diverse curriculum that focuses on a Culture of Learning. Students are encouraged to actively engage and pursue their true passion within their studies in year 10.

Students in Year 10 will study a combination of core and elective learning. Students will study 6 core subjects. Subjects to be studied and time allocations for these subjects have been developed from the Australian Curriculum and include:

Religious Education





Health and Physical Education 

Students also have the opportunity to study a number of elective subjects across the year. There will be 6 elective subject spaces (each semester) that can be filled in a number of different ways. Students are able to develop a course of elective study based on student interests and ability.

These subjects include:

BSB10115 Certificate I in Business  


Business Enterp​rise​

​Information Processing & Technology

Business​ Tourism​​​

Information Technology Systems​


Japanese (Must be studied for a full year)​​


​Legal Studies



​Fashion Design​


Film, TV and New Media​​

​Netball Excellence Program


​Rugby League Excellence Program


​Technology Studies

Health Education​

​Visual Art




Students may also apply for school based traineeships and entry into some TAFE programs.

 During Term 2 & 3 of Year 10, parent​s and students are fully briefed by the Assistant Principal – Senior Curriculum and Curriculum Leader Vocational Education and Pathways on the principles involved in subject selection for Years 11 and 12. A number of other important people are also consulted when making subject choices and can include Curriculum Leaders and Pastoral Leaders. Student selection for a Senior pathway should be determined by:

  •  interest, ability and strengths

  •  academic achievement

  •  tertiary entrance requirements.

The Senior School Curriculum at Aquinas College provides Year 10 students with the opportunity to transition Junior Secondary School into Senior Secondary School.  Students are encouraged to actively participate in their learning within a safe and nurturing classroom environment.  Students are allocated to a core class in Year 10, as well as having the opportunity to complete elective subjects.