HPV - Pedal Prix

​​​The Aquinas College HPV - Pedal Prix team has shown their dominance in the 2024 racing season with back-to-back wins in the first two rounds. The team, made up of new and experienced riders, has set themselves up for success in the upcoming races in Gold Coast and Townsville.

The team had a successful weekend at Toowoomba in round 1 and Ipswich in round 2, showcasing the skills of their new riders who have seamlessly integrated into the team. With teams competing in various categories including Senior mixed, Senior and Junior boys, and restricted boys, Aquinas College is off to a strong start this season.

Team manager, Brad Pledge, expressed his pride in the team's performance and is confident that they will continue to excel in the upcoming races. "The team has worked hard to prepare for this season and it's great to see their efforts paying off. We are looking forward to the challenges ahead and are determined to maintain our winning streak," said Pledge.

The Aquinas College HPV - Pedal prix team is definitely one to watch out for this season as they continue to impress with their speed and skill on the race track. Keep an eye out for them as they aim for more victories in the coming races.

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