Aquinas College values student-centred approaches that encounter students where they are at. 

As an inclusive school, Aquinas values the strengths of the Australian curriculum and that of the Queensland Certificate of Education in building life-long learners. 

The flexibility in the Middle Years curriculum design caters for all learners in striving for an individualised program in Year 11 and 12.‚Äč

Aquinas College supports the learning journey through:

  • Offering a challenging, rich and diverse range of learning experiences
  • Stimulates each student to strive for personal excellence
  • Encouraging individuality and creativity
  • Encouraging students to become active participants in their own formation
  • Stimulating students to greater awareness of the responsibility for making their own decisions
  • Promoting students' growth towards self-discipline
  • Promoting critical thinking.

Students benefit from a One-to-One Laptop Program that is managed through school issued devices by Aquinas. All specialist software is managed safely through the College ICT Department. Students have access to wireless internet across the College campus.


The College Illuminate Excellence Programs for Academia, Music, Rugby League and Netball provide for an enriched learning experience with like-minded students with a passion for excellence.

Some of the other key features of the curriculum include dedicated specialised learning areas, such as:

  • An Arts Precinct, including Music Rehearsal and Academic Classrooms, Film and Television Media Room, Drama Centre, Dance Studio and two Visual Arts Studios complete with photographic dark room, ceramics court computers and wet areas
  • Modern Hospitality facilities including an Industrial Kitchen and training restaurant 'Saniuqa'
  • Design and Technology Classrooms, Applied Graphics Classroom and specialist Science Facilities
  • Learning Enhancement centre with Support Teachers and a team of dedicated School Officers
  • Rugby League, Soccer and Touch Football Ovals, Basketball and Volleyball Courts