Aquinas College is committed to the co-curricular Arts. Our programs offer a broad curriculum supportive of student interest. 

The cultural offerings at the College include our Illuminate Music Excellence Program, exceptional Musicals and Co-curricular Dance. 

Our programs support students with unique opportunities to explore their creativity and express themselves through the arts.


Our Concert and Jazz Bands showcase the instrumental talent of our students. Complemented by the Illuminate Music Excellence Program, these performances entertain and inspire. Co-curricular Music fosters a sense of community and connection in our students. Upholding a commitment to professional and polished performances, Aquinas bands achieve well in local and state eisteddfods. 


At Aquinas College, we believe that cultural enrichment is essential for a well-rounded education. Through our cultural programs and offerings, we strive to create a supportive and inclusive environment that celebrates diversity and encourages creativity.​


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