Curriculum Information

​Aquinas College "promotes the love of learning and its value as a life-long process" by:

  • Offering a challenging, rich and diverse range of learning experiences
  • Stimulates each student to strive for personal excellence
  • Encouraging individuality and creativity
  • Encouraging students to become active participants in their own formation
  • Stimulating students to greater awareness of the responsibility for making their own decisions
  • Promoting students' growth towards self discipline
  • Promoting critical thinking

Some of the other key features of the curriculum include:

  • Arts Precinct including Music rooms complete with computers, instrumental lesson rooms and band practice room; Film and Television media room, Dance Studio, and two Visual Arts rooms complete with photographic dark room, ceramics court computers and wet areas.
  • modern Hospitality facilities including a training restaurant 'Saniuqa'
  • Drama Centre, Information Technology and Science rooms and a swimming pool
  • Special Education centre and Learning Enhancement centre
  • Soccer field, Rugby League oval, volleyball courts and tennis courts
  • wireless network to service the laptop bank available to students
  • well equipped Resource and Library centre including a computer laboratory and Audio Visual room

Subject Handbooks: