Humanities Education

huma 1.jpgHumanities Education is about increasing people’s ability to participate successfully and productively in their society’s activities within the context of global interdependence. In a democratic society, this participation is a cooperative process by which people work together to promote their individual and collective welfare. Understanding these social activities and processes and possessing the ability to contribute to them effectively are the keys to successful participation in society. The development of these social understandings and practices is the primary focus of the Humanities huma 2.jpg
department at Aquinas College.

The plethora of Humanities subjects offered at Aquinas College align with the requirements of the Australian National Curriculum and seek to provide students with the knowledge necessary to understand the social, cultural, political, economic and environmental spheres of the society that surrounds them. Students can become more effective and committed participants in their society as workers, citizens, consumers and family members as a result of their studies in the Humanities discipline.

huma 3.jpgThrough the study of human societies (past and present) and their achievements; students are challenged to use the analytical and problem-solving techniques of the various Humanities subject areas. Students will also be encouraged to engage in critical thinking to help them understand and make judgments about values, rights, social justice systems and environmental sustainability within the Ancient and Modern world contexts. Additionally, students will also develop personally useful resources for analyzing and understanding the world around them.

The Humanities subject structure at Aquinas College consist of the following Key Learning Areas: 


- Years 7 – 10 National Curriculum History (Core Subject for students in Years 7, 8, 9 & 10)

- Year 10 Humanities (History Extension Elective Subject)

- Years 11 & 12 Senior Modern History (Elective Subject)

- Years 11 – 12 Senior Ancient History (Elective Subject)


- Years 7 – 8 National Curriculum Geography (Core Subject for students in Years 7 & 8)

- Year 9 & 10 National Curriculum Geography (Elective Subject for students in Years 9 & 10)